The Movement Clinic in College Park, MD


Available in Individual Sessions Customized to the Needs of your Child.
Training for Family Members and Caregivers.
Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicaid.

As an occupational therapist, I will support your child with developmental, motor, cognitive or emotional delays to gain age-appropriate Daily Living Skills. This includes play and social participation, education and leisure, sleep and rest, and self care tasks like dressing or bathing, feeding, navigating the home and outside environment; fine motor tasks like writing, using scissors and other tools, playing a music instrument and gross motor task like running, jumping and play. The goal is to support healthy development and participation in all aspects of life applying the most up-to-date research to service delivery. 

Who can benefit from sessions with the Movement Clinic?

Children diagnosed with:

  • Developmental delays

  • Coordination deficits

  • Neurological conditions including stroke or cerebral palsy

  • Delayed speech

  • Difficulty focusing or following directions

  • Sensory challenges including adversity to certain foods, clothing or textures

  • Gross and fine motor delays

  • Poor self confidence or body image

  • Difficulty with emotional regulation

  • Social awkwardness

  • Decreased balance and coordination

  • Difficulty with handwriting

In our sessions, your child will learn to improve your fine and gross motor coordination and reach new milestones. We will build on the strengths that your child already has and the intelligence of their body and mind. Integrating the Feldenkrais Method®, children will learn to expand their movement repertoire using ease, their natural curiosity and joy. Being able to move more fluid, will also improve attending to cognitive demands and the general ability to learn.

I like working with Jutta because she has fun choices of games and exercises every time we work.  I look forward to seeing Jutta every week. Waking up the bear is my favorite!

—Fiona, 12 years

I was a skeptic at first but in just a few months Jutta has engaged Fiona in a way that has had a profound effect on her self confidence and her ability to navigate social challenges in school.  Jutta's optimism and tenacity as she creatively uncovers keys to Fiona's potential provides consistent inspiration not only for Fiona but for me as her parent.

—Fiona's mom

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