The Movement Clinic in College Park, MD


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Jutta's knowledge of the integrated functioning of our muscles and skeleton is vast . You feel this deep knowledge as she works with you. She puts it in such simple terms that make it all seem so obvious - what connects to what in the body you have been using so inaccurately for years. The important core muscles have names (psoas, gluteal). I didn't even know I had these muscles, much less what they were called! She makes them real and I was able to imagine them in action. 

Working with Jutta has greatly improved my walking, standing and moving about in the simple tasks of the day. I am mindful of them today.  As I have aged, it is so reassuring and surprising that this awareness can come back to one. 


I like working with Jutta because she has fun choices of games and exercises every time we work.  I look forward to seeing Jutta every week. Waking up the bear is my favorite!

—Fiona, 12 years 

I was a skeptic at first but in just a few months Jutta has engaged Fiona in a way that has had a profound effect on her self confidence and her ability to navigate social challenges in school.  Jutta's optimism and tenacity as she creatively uncovers keys to Fiona's potential provides consistent inspiration not only for Fiona but for me as her parent.

—Fiona's mom

I've been lucky to benefit from Jutta's expertise for several one-on-one sessions and I couldn't be more happier. As a busy mom of two, you don't necessarily think about your posture especially when it comes to put those babies down for sleep (I used to hold them A LOT!). Due to that, I had shoulder pain that Jutta took care of in one session and my hip problem is 90% solved as well. She is amazing and her knowledge about the Feldenkrais method and body is amazing. I love that I found a solution that is very gentle, effortless and durable rather than going to the Chiropractor every other month. Jutta is open-minded and bring creative answers to your issues, whatever they are. I keep her in mind for my kids too.

—Juliette, photographer and mom